[Newbies] Morphs dropped from 3.10?

jan.zacatecnik at centrum.cz jan.zacatecnik at centrum.cz
Wed Oct 10 20:53:16 UTC 2007

>> 3.10 is the first release without some things you
have in previous Squeak,

>> not only without some Morphs.


Could you please point me to some overview of the changes?


(Removal of e.g. WatchMorph is not mentioned in the „History
of the 3.10 release.“)

>In fact, 3,9 did not have the games from 3.8.  For a long time, Squeak

>experts have been complaining that the image is too big.  Things need

>to be taken out of Squeak and put into separate packages.  3.10 is

>continuing to move along this line.  I predict that future releases of

>Squeak will be even smaller, i.e. even more things will be removed

>from the base image.

I do not see big differences in size:


3.9-final-7067 16,405,928 bytes

3.10beta.7143 16,669,808 bytes


Perhaps some other changes made the 3.10 image bigger?

>Fortunately, Package Universe makes it very easy to describe a

>configuration of packages and to reload all of them with one click of

>the mouse.  So, the squeak-dev image is much bigger than any of the

>images that has been distributed in the past.

I looked
at all items offered by Package Universe Browser but no package name seemed to suggest
that it contains the dropped morphs. Fortunately, I found following message which says how to load them:




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