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antonio antoniomoreno at edu.juntaextremadura.net
Thu Oct 11 12:59:28 UTC 2007

Thanks, Bert.

> > I am learning the use of NaturalLanguageTranslator,
> > I'm testing with an etoys-dev-2.2 image (OLPC),
> Actually, we do not use NLT anymore for OLPC. We exported all  
> translations to po files:
> https://translations.launchpad.net/etoys/first-deployment/+pots/etoys
> This lets use use the "gettext" translation tools that are the  
> standard in Linux.

yes, I know, but I load:
desktop menu... / open / language editor
and now I can do both, isn't it?:
- I can load po files with gettext button (up on the right)
- I can load *.translation files with "load" and with "merge" buttons
- I can add word/translated word pairs with "add" button and after this
I can do "gettext export"
(that's because sometimes I introduce  'tatatatatat' translated at any
method and the expression does not appear inside the right column, so I
put on the other side manually).

This mixed use can create problems to me?

translations will be OUT of the image file?
etoys-dev-2.2.image has translations inside or they are only at
I can load german language by menu but I have not any  *.de at my
squeak/po/subdirectories, so I'm confusing.

that's the question because I wanted to clean translations information
from NLT, it's easy to load after anyway.
    > It is very easy to add languages, merge, etc, but I do not find
   > to delete one of them.

About Babel (Preferences... menu),  which is the diference between
translationWithBabel activated or not?

Thanks again

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