[Newbies] how do I get Seaside up on my Squeak?

ACockburn at aol.com ACockburn at aol.com
Thu Oct 11 03:04:23 UTC 2007

It seems none of the tutorials start far enough at the back for me... 
Lukas Renggli wrote me: 
I suggest that you start with the Squeak-Dev image of Damien.


Open -> Universe  Browser -> Web Development -> Seaside

After evaluating "WAKom  startOn: 8080" you should have running  
Seaside on  "http://localhost:8080/seaside".
I downloaded the file 
from that site and unpacked it. 
The package contains no "squeak.exe", on the image and the changes.
So I downloaded
from somewhere else I found, and it contains a "squeak.exe"
I can open the .exe file, but I don't know how to get it to use Damien's  
Actually, I can't follow Lukas' next instructions, because I have no idea  
    Open -> Universe Browser -> Web Development  -> Seaside
means. Are those classes inside Damien's image? or  subdirectories someone I 
can't find? or implicitly obvious to someone else  shortcut descriptions of 
I hope someone has the patience to help me through this. 
p.s. I'm running Windows XP

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