[Newbies] how do I get Seaside up on my Squeak?

Alistair Cockburn acockburn at aol.com
Thu Oct 11 15:22:10 UTC 2007

Giovanni Corriga wrote:
> Il giorno mer, 10/10/2007 alle 23.59 -0700, Alistair Cockburn ha
> scritto:
> the easiest thing is to copy the squeak.exe and the SqueakFFIPrims.dll
> files in the same folder as Damien's image. Then drag and drop
> the .image file over squeak.exe. This should be enough to run the image
> (I'm on Linux, so I can't check).

Interesting --- I had tried that, but since I hadn't worked out the rest of
the instructions, I didn't notice anything different from starting ordinary

The rest was all very explicit, thanks... here's the sort of thing I'm
running into (this is now-solved, but I imagine there are others following
me who will make similar mistakes. It took me 5 minutes to work out how to

Giovanni Corriga wrote:
> select "Web Development" and select the Seaside version you want to
> install (for example, Seaside 2.7.227). 

The difficulty was understanding how the selection business works in Squeak.
I kept clicking and double-clicking the text "Web Development" (the Windows
habit) and all that would happen is the text would highlight and
un-highlight. To my Windows-adapted eyes, the "buttons" don't look like
buttons, they look like they could be anything. I clicked around on
everything I could anyway. 

In the end, almost by accident, as I was giving up, I double-clicked on the
little solid triangle to the left of the phrase "Web Development" and there
was a flash of text on the screen as the list opened and closed, and
something happened in one of the "button" areas ... and from that I was able
to work out to go back and fiddle with the little triangle some more. 

After that, it all worked as described, including loading a bunch of stuff,
getting my name and password for "config" and I now have run config inside
Firefox locally, and have something that says "Seaside" showing on Firefox. 

The only reason I belabor this is to indicate the area of confusion a person
(I can't be that atypical) will have coming to Squeak. I used Digitalk
Smalltalk for 10 years (1987 - 1996), but that doesn't help me understand
all the little visual conventions that are known to practiced Squeak users,
let alone the Morphic interface (which I will have to face up to someday).

In all cases, many thanks for taking the time to be so explicit. It would of
course be much simpler to find someone to sit and do this with - I only wish
there were such a person here in Salt Lake City. (If any of you know such a
person, let me know!)

Alistair Cockburn

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