[Newbies] Displaying rows of data, PluggableMultiColumnListMorph

Peter Schneider hypolit at googlemail.com
Sat Oct 13 20:10:58 UTC 2007

Yes, thats the getListSelector stuff.

Basically i just tried the PluggableMorphsDemo.pr, which you can download
 should end in .pr instead of .obj.)

The ListDemo2 doesn't work as expected. The getListSelector is feed the
following Array:
self collection: #(
        "items in the first column"
        #('1a' '2a' '3a' '4a' '5a')

        "items in the second column"
        #('1b' '2b' '3b' '4b' '5b')

So i figured that order would be correct, at least in principle.
Now the there are two columns and four rows displayed with that data in
But i can only select the first two rows.

Changing the the array like this:
self collection: #(
        #('1a' '2a' '3a' '4a' '5a')
        #('1b' '2b' '3b' '4b' '5b')
       #('1c' '2c' '3c' '4bc'  '5c')

Produces 3 columns and 4 rows. I can now select 3 rows.
I can't really see what i am doing wrong there.

I'm using the Squeak-dev 3.10 Image.
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