[Newbies] Stopping a debug-window loop

Michael van der Gulik mikevdg at gulik.co.nz
Sun Sep 2 03:46:29 UTC 2007

Blake wrote:
> OK, I've got a debug window popping up over and over again.
> I can Alt+. but that pops up a user interrupt window which is
> immediately plastered over by another of the same debug window.
> I tried Ctrl+C as well, based on advice from Stepehn Ducasse's book.
> Nothing there.
I would guess this is to terminate the process on the current console
under Linux.
> In the past I've just closed the Squeak window, but it's really
> tiresome having to redo all the work since the last save. (It only
> matters a little how much work. It's tiresome on principle.)
> Can anything be done to stop this?
This is why I use REPLServer (telnet server for Squeak).

Install REPLServer, which should be available from SqueakMap or the
PackageUniverse. Start it and make sure it works. When Morphic breaks,
telnet to localhost on port 4445 and type in:

: utils rebootMorphic.

This will give you a fresh Morphic desktop where you can fix things
from. You can also manipulate processes from REPLServer.

I also save my image before each time I try to run my code if the code
is likely to be problematic.


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