[Newbies] Best way to implement two-dimensional array

John Almberg jalmberg at identry.com
Tue Sep 4 17:07:13 UTC 2007


> Well, since you are storing it in a class var, the "heavy lifting"  
> can be done at initialization time. This way the code remains  
> readable but you can do heavy pre-processing to bring that stuff  
> into an easily accessible form.

Oh! I see what you mean. That would be a good approach.

> Btw, the "real" Smalltalk way would be to just create your data in  
> the class var interactively using an inspector. The image will  
> store these just fine. The problem with there may not be a simple  
> way of transporting them along with the code into another image.

H'mmm... this is over my head. I'm not sure how to inspect a class  

I tried doing:

	MyClass inspect

and also poking around the menus, but it looks like I'm inspecting an  
instance of the class, not the class itself -- the class variable is  
not displayed.

How do you edit data in a class interactively? Probably not what I  
want, as you say, but sounds interesting.

-- John

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