[Newbies] Invite from Robert Stehwien (rstehwien@gmail.com)

Robert Stehwien rstehwien at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 23:32:36 UTC 2007

I would like to apologize for this.  Don't sign up whatever you do.  My
account was compromised by an extreme act of stupidity involving a lack of
sleep and an invite from a trusted friend who actually uploaded their
picture.  Like many social bookmarking sites Quechup requests your contact
list.  Unlike most they just spam everyone without informing you.

They wait several days apparently to fool you into a false sense of
security.  I have since unsubscribed.


On 9/6/07, Robert Stehwien <rstehwien at gmail.com> wrote:
>   [image: Quechup.com] <http://quechup.com/>
>  Trouble viewing this e-mail - click here<http://quechup.com/Qmail/contacts.php/ZW09cnN0ZWh3aWVuQGdtYWlsLmNvbSZpPTAwMDAwMDAwMDk1Njg2OTMmYz05OTM5OSZmbj1Sb2JlcnQmbG49U3RlaHdpZW4mYWw9cnN0ZWh3aWVuJnRtPWJlZ2lubmVyc0BsaXN0cy5zcXVlYWtmb3VuZGF0aW9uLm9yZw%3D%3D>
>    <http://quechup.com/join.php/aT0wMDAwMDAwMDA5NTY4NjkzJmM9OTkzOTk%3D> *Robert
> Stehwien* (rstehwien at gmail.com)
> has invited you as a friend on Quechup...
> ...the social networking platform sweeping the globe
> Click here to accept Robert's invite<http://quechup.com/join.php/aT0wMDAwMDAwMDA5NTY4NjkzJmM9OTkzOTk%3D>
>  You can use Quechup to meet new people, catch up with old friends,
> maintain a blog, share videos & photos, chat with other members, play games,
> and more. It's no wonder Quechup is fast becoming 'The Social Networking
> site to be on'.
>  Join Robert and his friends today:
> http://quechup.com/join.php/aT0wMDAwMDAwMDA5NTY4NjkzJmM9OTkzOTk%3D
>   You received this because Robert Stehwien (rstehwien at gmail.com) knows
> and agreed to invite you. You will only receive one invite from
> rstehwien at gmail.com. Quechup will not spam or sell your email address - privacy
> policy <http://quechup.com/privacy.php>. (c) Quechup 2007.
> Click here if you do not wish to receive any more emails from Quechup<http://quechup.com/emailunsubscribe.php/ZW09YmVnaW5uZXJzQGxpc3RzLnNxdWVha2ZvdW5kYXRpb24ub3Jn>
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