[Newbies] Re: Best way to implement two-dimensional array

John Almberg jalmberg at identry.com
Fri Sep 7 13:10:31 UTC 2007


> two things to add:
> first: are you aware that Alt Shift i will bring up an explorer
> instead of an inspector?
> There it's easier to change classVars than stepping down to various
> inspectors. Be aware that unlike an inspector it doesn't update
> automatically.

Actually, I had tried the Explorer a few weeks ago, but didn't see  
what it was good for until trying it on this class I have with the  
big table. Nice how it breaks the table down, making it relatively  
easy to edit. I'll have to do some more digging on Explorer to see  
what else it's good for. Thanks for the tip.

> second:
> I have a few classes which I use as lookup tables, stored in
> classvars.
> For these I implement on the class side a fileIn/Out protocol to move
> the classVars between images like e.g.:
> TrainingsSamplesFehlerkategorien>>writeTrainingsSamples
>         "write the class var TrainingsSamples to a file using  
> ReferenceStreams"


That is also very useful.

As they say, anything that you don't understand looks like magic, and  
people who can find useful classes in the Squeak class library look  
like magicians to me :-)

Thanks: John

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