[Newbies] Second transcript window?

John Almberg jalmberg at identry.com
Wed Sep 12 12:59:12 UTC 2007

Hi Blake,

Yes, understood Scott's method. I was wondering about how to do it  
with halos. I tried to do what you suggested and learned a few things  
(like how to inspect a window, which caused some head-scratching  
until I found the 'debug' menu).

But, I wasn't able to create a second, named transcript.

Anyway, no big deal. Scott's method is simple and what I needed. I  
was just curious about the halos (which I haven't used much, yet.)

Thanks for your help.

-- John

> It is possible to do it using morphs, you just have to get a  
> reference to that morph. It doesn't seem to matter if you make a  
> sibling copy or not (though I'm sure there are ramifications).
> So, what you can do is create the copy, inspect it to find out its  
> external name ("Transcript1" in my case) and then pull the  
> TranscriptStream out of it:
> sw := World submorphNamed: 'Transcript1'.
> t := sw model.
> t show: 'This now contains your independent transcript stream.'
> Obviously, Scott's version is cleaner, but I've been struggling  
> with trying to interact with already existing objects since I  
> started playing with Morphic.
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