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alain rastoul alr.dev at free.fr
Tue Sep 18 20:43:53 UTC 2007


If you want to print a morph, get its form (imageForm message) and use the 
primitive primPrintHScale of Form class
primPrintHScale: hScale vScale: vScale landscape: aBoolean
 "On platforms that support it, this primitive prints the receiver, assumed 
to be a Form, to the default printer."
 "(Form extent: 10 at 10) primPrintHScale: 1.0 vScale: 1.0 landscape: true"


| cont m length |
cont := Morph new.
cont color: Color lightBlue.
cont layoutPolicy: TableLayout new ;
  listDirection: #topToBottom ; cellPositioning:  #topLeft ;
  hResizing: #shrinkWrap ; vResizing: #shrinkWrap.

#( 'Label A' 'Label B' 'Label C' 'Label D')
do:  [ :label |
 m:= Morph new.
 m layoutPolicy: TableLayout new ;
 listDirection: #leftToRight ; height: 25.
 m cellInset: 4.
 m color: Color random twiceLighter.
 length := m width + 200 atRandom.
 m width: length.
 m addMorphBack: (StringMorph contents: label) .
 m addMorphBack: (StringMorph contents: length asString).
 cont addMorph: m.
cont cellInset: 4.
cont openInWorld.
cont imageForm primPrintHScale: 1.0 vScale: 1.0 landscape: true.

"(I think it was  printh: 96.0 v: 96.0 landScape: false. on an older 

See also the TextPrinter class (sender of primPrintHScale)

hope it helps



"Ching de la Serna" <ching.dls at gmail.com> a écrit dans le message de news: 
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I would like to print graphics in Squeak. What classes do I need to do this? 
Many thanks in advance.


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