[Newbies] Quinto game in SBE

Bill Kerr billkerr at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 14:19:47 UTC 2007

It's a great book, many thanks to the authors

Quinto game is a nice first app, I've learnt a lot from it but can't get it
working fully. Have others here succeeded?

1) the final line of the SBECell initialize method:
self turnOff
triggers a MessageNotUnderstood error
doesNotUnderstand: #turnOff

My interpretation is that the turnOff method is not part of the
SimpleSwitchMorph super class

I wasn't sure how to solve this problem so I just commented out that line
"self turnOff"
and continued with the rest of the game

SBECell new openInWorld
a single cell appears and toggles a colour change with mouse clicks so it
still seems to work at that level

2) pp. 43-5 of the book shows you how to use the debugger to fix the
newCellAt:at: method by adding ^c to the final line

My problem is that even after I do this correction I still get the same
doesNotUnderstand: #toggleState

When I run the game
SBEGame new openInWorld
the grid appears ok

But when I click on a cell the MessageNotUnderstood box pops up with
doesNotUnderstand: #toggleState
at the top of the stack

I was wondering if others have had these problems and if anyone had ideas
about what I could do to get the game working fully?

Bill Kerr
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