[Newbies] how to configure web server

Ivo Eduardo Seben de Azevedo ivoesa at yahoo.com.br
Wed Sep 19 15:53:42 UTC 2007


It's my first post here  - started to search the
archives, but... oh, well, got tired.

The people who take care of our servers and developed
our educational platform said that we need a special
player in the server, in order to use Squeak projects
(instead of Flash, for instance). Or they said
something and I understood that... 

So, how do I upload .pr files to the server and
platform in order to have them appear and run justa as
a .swf file would in the web browser? Today, I have to
choose the file type when uploading multimedia files
(flash, shockwave, quicktime, etc.), but there is no
squeak option yet.

I know that users should install the Squeak plugin -
no problem with that. 

The servers run MS Windows, .Net, SQL Server, etc. 

Our platform: www.escolanarede.sefaz.rs.gov.br

Thanks in advance,

Ivo Eduardo

      Flickr agora em português. Você clica, todo mundo vê.

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