[Newbies] Chaining versus cascading

Chris Cunnington cunnington at sympatico.ca
Thu Sep 20 16:49:42 UTC 2007


I have a question about the difference between chaining and cascading. What
would happen if you wrote this:

Html table id: 'label' with: [foo foo foo]

You see, I've left out the semicolon that the sushi store demo puts between
'label' and with. It usually looks like this:

Html table id: 'label'; with: [foo foo foo]

It seems odd to throw in a cascading semicolon just in there and then move

I understand if you have:

DiskController reset initialize startRunning.
DiscController reset; intitialize; startRunning.

The difference is that initialize will act on the result of DiskController
reset. The second line, the cascaded line, is just giving DiskController
three orders one after the other.

The returned object from html table would get passed the selector id:'label'
and the returned object from that would get passed with: [foo foo foo].

Oh, wait a minute. I guess we want to pass two separate messages to the
object table, one after another. Does that mean we could break the line into
two statements:

Html table id:'label'.
Html table with: [foo foo foo].

Yes? No?

Chris Cunnington 

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