[Newbies] Quinto game in SBE

Bill Kerr billkerr at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 08:35:51 UTC 2007

thanks for suggestions

turns out that my problem was that I was using an old 3.8 image

I learnt from the book how to file out and file in - as soon as I tested my
code in the 3.9 image it worked fine!

A friend sent me some other information from the bugs site pointing out a
bug in SimpleSwitchMorph in earlier versions:

 Summary:        0003530: SimpleSwitchMorph does not actually implement
switch functionality

Bill Kerr

On 9/20/07, Steve Moffitt <stevia at citlink.net> wrote:
> Hi Bill --
> The game works fine in my image.
> 1) The first thing I would look at is when the debugger comes up I
> would select the second line from the top of the list that is shown
> in the top pane of the debugger. When you do that the debugger opens
> and will have the offending message highlighted. I would select the
> object that is getting that message and cmd-i ( or ctl-i ) which
> brings up an inspector which will show you if you really have
> aSBECell or not. If you are not getting the right object there is
> probably something in the code that you did not copy correctly. Did
> you type the instructions in ?
> 2) same steps as one.
> By the way the code for the examples can be downloaded from
> squeaksource.com
> Steve
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