[Newbies] Quinto game in SBE

David Corking lists at dcorking.com
Mon Sep 24 20:22:13 UTC 2007

On 9/24/07, Oscar Nierstrasz  wrote:

> I made a note to underline this for the next edition.  It *is* stated
> prominently at the beginning of the Quick Start chapter, but I guess
> the chapters should be more independent of each other for the Quicker
> Starters!

Yes I did see that, but to be honest I thought I was more likely to be
at fault than the image forks I was playing with (and I didn't have
internet access to try >= 3.9 image at the time) !    Since the 3.8
forks have become as mainstream as 'mainstream' then a footnote where
the dependency arises will be a nice extra touch.

On the other hand, the issue shows a real, if small, benefit of a
production fork tracking mainstream where compatible.

Andreas wrote:
> If you can find a bit of time to assemble a set of patches which will
> make those examples work, I'd be happy to fold them into the system to
> make sure these examples work out of the box.

Bert wrote:
> Likewise for OLPC.

I was under the impression that Marcus's changeset was likely to be an
adequate patch.
However, I will try it against the OLPC and Croquet images on my
desktop and report back.

I will need to read more of SBE to learn not to use 'diff' and 'patch' :)


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