[Newbies] Examples of GUI programs developed in Squeak

karl karl.ramberg at comhem.se
Wed Apr 2 09:53:50 UTC 2008

David Finlayson wrote:
> I am considering developing an application in Squeak for the analysis
> and processing of sonar data. The most interesting part of the program
> is a visual analysis tool that would be used for filtering, mosaicking
> and GIS-type analysis. Superficially, it would resemble and indeed
> work a lot like a photo editing application, only instead of working
> with R,G,B values, each pixel in the image represents a complex matrix
> of information derived from the sonar system, the vessel GPS and
> motion sensors, etc. ImageJ for sonars, if you will.
> A lot of people would code this type of thing in C++ or C#, but I see
> some value in a dynamic system like Smalltalk that would make it easy
> to add new complex filters that allow us to do interesting research on
> sonar analysis. I am willing to give up performance to gain a powerful
> development environment.
> The question is: is Squeak the right smalltalk for this kind of thing?
> Does it have the support for images, matrix algebra, plain old
> performance for signal processing to build a photo-shop-like
> application? I guess it has been used for Robot control, which would
> have similar performance demands. What do you think?
> Maybe there is some cool stuff that could be done with Morphic to go
> places a photoshop-type application can't go. Maybe Morphic will suck
> at this type of thing, I don't know.
> I am only half way through Squeak By Example, and I am probably biting
> off more than I can chew, but maybe not?
Take a look at Video and Image Processing


It is a framework for applying filters on images and video, duh ;-)
It's quite easy to make your own filter rules etc.


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