[Newbies] Efficient date parsing

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Thu Apr 3 13:50:43 UTC 2008


I tried downloading my original attachment and the problem is that it
was/is double-gzipped - not sure why. Anyway, attaching once more the
ChangeSet. It installs fine in 3.10beta7159 at least.

You install it by decompressing it and then use the "install" button in
the filelist, or by just using "filein" on the compressed file directly
(not sure why there is no install button in that case but anyway).

I also include the method comment below to show you what it gives you:

readFrom: inputStream pattern: pattern
	"Read a Date from the stream based on the pattern which can include the
		y = A year with 1-n digits
		yy = A year with 2 digits
		yyyy = A year with 4 digits
		m = A month with 1-n digits
		mm = A month with 2 digits
		d = A day with 1-n digits
		dd = A day with 2 digits
	...and any other Strings inbetween. Representing $y, $m and $d is done
	\y, \m and \d and slash itself with \\. Simple example patterns:


	A year given using only two decimals is considered to be >2000."

regards, Göran
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