[Newbies] Misunderstanding Squeak

cdrick cdrick65 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 19:09:04 UTC 2008

Welcome Nathan,

What you experienced is (very) common...

To program in smalltalk (except gnu smalltalk maybe) you need:
- to learn the syntax (this is quick)
- then learn to navigate in the code (this was long for me)
---use browser(s)
---find code examples (sender, implementors), find some fonctions (you
have to guess the name, hopefully smalltalkers often use explicit name
- so you can search messages/method containing words),
---use the debugger (probably the better way to look how the code
behave, nothing to guess, just follow the flow...)

By the way, have you seen the free book "squeak by example" ? This
should be explained (http://www.squeakbyexample.org/)



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