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Sven Schott sven.schott at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 22:52:29 UTC 2008

> > is it alive?
> and you was infected...

Yep. :)

>2) Can Squeak be used as the engine in enterprise with and without Seaside?
> If you company wish pay Microsoft crap, the answer is NO

Nah, I can convince people to use other things. The fact that we use
Microsoft crap is just something that pisses me off. I just want to know if
I can deploy Squeak apps the same way I can do ruby apps.

>3) Is the community small? Big? Growing? Shrinking rapidly?
> Size matters ?

It does. Critical mass (whatever that is for a language). Small is fine
provided it is small and growing, not small and shrinking.

>4) Is there any push or drive to making Squeak more mainstream.
> Some of us enjoy being Rebels without a cause
> Edgar

I'm a rebel with a cause. :)

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