[Newbies] Re: Beginners Digest, Vol 24, Issue 17

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Apr 11 15:00:56 UTC 2008

On 11.04.2008, at 05:56, Dr Keith A. Morneau wrote:
> Let me clarify my last post. I used Homebase to start out and was able
> to load Tweak successfully. I tried to load Magma and got the error
> above in the Homebase image.

Which error "above"? Please cite the relevant conversation when  

> I am thinking about just using Morphic
> for now since it appears it works with Magma pretty well and for my
> purpose will do the job. I hope that Tweak will be updated since I
> noticed that the maintainers are not maintaining it anymore.

It is maintained as part of Croquet. But nobody is maintaining the  
website, which may lead to your impression.

- Bert -

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