[Newbies] Web services

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Sun Apr 13 20:52:26 UTC 2008


> I'd like to access some RESTful web services from Squeak (I'm running the
> Seaside-2.8-530 image
> http://www.seaside.st/resources/distributions/Seaside-2.8-final.zip). What
> would people's advice be as to the best starting point - should I roll
> something from scratch with the classes in Network-Protocols or is there a
> more obvious way. I investigated CurlPlugin, but got scared (!) by the
> dependencies and thoughts about cross-platform incompatibilities (I'm
> running on OSX and Ubuntu).

I recently made a "surf robot" using Steve Waring's HttpClient package:


I may have ended up making some small fixes to it - should probably get
that fed back upstream - but IIRC it was nothing big.

When you say "RESTful web service" I conclude it more or less "plain HTTP"
we are talking about. Otherwise you of course have the SoapOpera packages
for doing SOAP stuff.

regards, Göran

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