[Newbies] [ANN] Seaside Book - "An Introduction to Seaside"

Michael Perscheid michaelperscheid at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 21 10:55:40 UTC 2008

Dear all,

We would like to announce that we have published the Seaside book "An 
Introduction to Seaside" today. Mainly the book consists of an improved 
version of our online tutorial.

Book description
"This book explains the major concepts of Seaside in a clear and 
intuitive style. A working example of a ToDo List application is 
developed to illustrate the framework's important concepts that build 
upon each other in an orderly progression. Besides the notions of users, 
tasks, components, forms and deployment, additional topics such as 
persistence, Ajax and Magritte are also discussed."

For more information look at Lulu:  http://www.lulu.com/content/2234565
or at our online tutorial: 

Furthermore we have improved the online Seaside tutorial with an 
overworked version of all chapters (especially chapter 6) and a new 
chapter about the internal details of the web framework called "The fine 

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and suggestions for improvement!

Michael Perscheid
on behalf of the HPI Software Architecture Group

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