[Newbies] How do I run Chess?

Felix Dorner felix_do at web.de
Thu Aug 7 20:51:33 UTC 2008

I am a noob, so handle with care. You got a file named Chess.st? So maybe look for 'how 
do I load a .st file in smalltalk?' Looking in the Squeak FAQ gave me this:


Now that does tell me something about what a .st file is. However it doesn't tell me how 
to load such a piece of code. Searching further got me to this page:


He tells me to just 'do': FileStream fileIn: 'C:\foo.st'

( If you don't know how to 'do' something, you should probably postpone your chess  
adventure and read the Squeak by Example Book. Probably everyone highly recomends it. )

Now you need to find a Class that you could call the 'main entry point' for the 
Chess program you are trying to run. Open the Class browser and search for "Chess". You 
could also try something as:

Chess new openInWorld (which is kind of a Pattern I've seen through all Squeak UI apps.)

Hope that helps a little. Don't give up.


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