[Newbies] Re: Fighting again with MC

Zulq Alam me at zulq.net
Mon Aug 11 14:04:28 UTC 2008

Hi Giuseppe,

I'm not familiar with the code in question but it seems like somehow you 
have a category named '' (empty string).

If I am correct, then the following should evaluate to true:
   InciGestApp organization categories includes: ''

And, if it does, it may or may not have methods:

	InciGestApp allMethodsInCategory: ''

I am not sure how this could have happened or how to fix it, but if it 
is the case perhaps someone else could suggest a safe solution.


Giuseppe Luigi Punzi wrote:
> Still with the same problem :(
> The class giving me problems is InciGestApp, a WebApplication children. 
> But, IncigestApp is under Aida category, under InciGest package. All 
> seems ok.
> I uploaded a DebugReport if someone can take a look.
> http://www.lordzealon.com/mc/debugreport
> Cheers.
> Giuseppe Luigi Punzi escribió:
>> Hi all,
>> Is the second time I'm having  troubles with simple changes to my 
>> package :S, and I can't figure out what I'm doing bad.
>> I'm working in a little app. I did it 2 minor changes writing some 
>> comments on Doc side of a class, one line on a method commented and so 
>> on.
>> Now, I'm trying to commit to my MC repository, and I get an:
>> Error: Subscript Out Of Bounds: 1
>> Following the debugger, seems the error is in:
>> foreignExtensionMethodsForClass: aClass
>>    ^ (self foreignExtensionCategoriesForClass: aClass)
>>        gather: [:cat | (aClass organization listAtCategoryNamed: cat)
>>                          collect: [:sel | self referenceForMethod: sel 
>> ofClass: aClass]]
>> where 'cat' is nil. But I don't know wich Category is this.
>> Some advice?
>> Note: Debug Report attached. <cid:part1.02090207.00060503 at lordzealon.com>
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