[Newbies] Windows

Claus Kick claus_kick at web.de
Sun Aug 17 19:12:20 UTC 2008

Roger Thedog wrote:
> Claus Kick wrote:
>>If you are on Windows or Linux, you could also try VisualAge from 
>>Instantiations. Or Dolphin Smalltalk from Object-Arts, if you are on 
> I played around with Visualage when I was looking at Smalltalk the first
> time around. I was quite shocked to see that it's for sale for 7000USD.

I *thought* that there was a "free for personal use" license involved 
somewhere, but I checked and figured that I mixed up Instantiations and 

You are right, however, the price is rather high. Thing is, VisualAge is 
rather well-documented (but rather expensive) whereas Dolphin is cheap 
and great to use, once you wrap your head around the differences.

> The original is still downloadable from IBM and is free. The only problem I
> had with that was that I couldn't get the documentation server to work in
> Linux.

It is? Could you please provide a URL? :)


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