[Newbies] Impact of Squeak installation on OS-X

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Aug 19 11:38:39 UTC 2008

Am 19.08.2008 um 09:47 schrieb Stephen Ng:

> Hi!
> I may be a bit picky with my query.
> I installed Squeak, Squeakland etc and had a play with them. They  
> are interesting and they need further study on my part.
> I have one little nitpick! I noticed just recently, that the  
> installation has made a small change to my OS-X Leopard which is  
> annoying. With some of the ICC profile folders stored under the / 
> Library/Printers/EPSON/InkjetPrinter/ICCProfiles/... directory,  
> similarly with Canon profiles, the icons have changed and I cannot  
> open them with a double click because they are now have Squeak as  
> the default application. How do I correct this? There should not be  
> any default application in the first place (I think). Or if there is  
> a default app then it really should be something else (I don't know  
> what though) just not Squeak.
> I think an application should really be as unobtrusive as possible.

Indeed - thanks for noticing and reporting this! On my system I even  
have the option to open these profiles with the Qwaq or Scratch VMs ;)

Apparently the Squeak VM's info.plist registers itself as editor for  
the type BNDL. Squeak plugins are "BNDLFAST" and profiles are  
"BNDL????" so to the Finder both match BNDL.

I do not know why John added BNDL as document type, I guess we can  
just remove that. The icon is stored in each plugin so that can't be  
the reason. John?

> Any suggestions on how to fix this will be appreciated.

It shouldn't hurt in any way. I do not know how to remove a file  
association, I think you can only use the Finder's File Info dialog to  
select a different default app, but not remove it.

- Bert -

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