[Newbies] Common/Best Practices on (Collaborative) Version Control

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Wed Aug 27 20:29:33 UTC 2008


Edgar J. De Cleene wrote:
> El 8/27/08 7:37 AM, "Matthias Korn" <matthias.korn at uni-siegen.de> escribió:
>> As far as I understand, Monticello does all the versioning and packaging
>> stuff. But I currently do not see the collaborative part in that
>> (without sending mcz-files via eMail). Also, we do not want to publish
>> our project (like on SqueakSource) at this point in time. We are looking
>> for an internal solution.
> You could do in Monticello.

First - I am not sure what Edgar is talking about - perhaps he
mistakenly thought you were asking about Monticello2 which hasn't gotten
a remote repository protocol yet.

But Monticello deals *just perfectly fine* with remote repositories - of
different kinds. So doing collaborative work using Monticello is really

In Gjallar we just serve a directory with all snapshots using Apache -
readonly for the public. And then we access the exact same dir using
pureFtpd - a really nice ftp daemon. This way we can give out a
username/password for a selected set of committers.

But if you work internally in a company the *trivial* way to share is by
using a shared file directory on some file server. That's it.

regards, Göran

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