[Newbies] new vs. initialize

Tim Johnson tjohnson at iwu.edu
Tue Dec 9 16:26:29 UTC 2008

On Dec 8, 2008, at 8:56 PM, Greg A. Woods; Planix, Inc. wrote:

> Initially though this recommendation didn't make any sense to me  
> because I didn't know how the implementation of #new in Behaviour is  
> different from strict Smalltalk-80 as I understand it.  I.e.  
> originally in Smalltalk-80 #new did not also send #initialize, but  
> now in Squeak it does.

This recent (!) change to auto-initialize puzzles me as well.  So much  
existing code was written with the opposite case being true, that it  
seems so risky to change!  To diverge from the ST-80 standard is even  
more risky, I would think.

I was convinced that this change is the one-and-only reason why  
BDFFontReader became broken.  So what else is broken now because of  
this change?  I don't know.  What human logic instigated the change?   
I also don't know.  Perhaps it makes the system more accessible or  
consistent for newbies?

It was because of changes like this that I kind of threw in the hat on  
Squeak for a while, after 3.8 and before 3.10.  It seemed all these  
weird changes that  seemed illogical to me (a relative newcomer to  
Smalltalk) were being made, while existing problems were not being  

- TimJ

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