[Newbies] Saving DNU for later

tjohnson at iwu.edu tjohnson at iwu.edu
Tue Dec 16 01:47:56 UTC 2008


I was saving a few DNU debug opportunities "to be investigated later" just by minimizing 
their windows.  Today though I have been clearing out cruft.  It appears that my few DNU 
saves are holding on to some objects I would like to get rid of, but I don't want to get rid of 
these DNUs!  How can I save them for later?  If I "fileOut" from the debug stack's menu, it 
only files out the class method.  I could "mail out bug report," but then I think it will go to 
the squeak-dev mailing list and people will yell at me.  I could get out a piece of paper and a 
pencil, but that would take a while.  I guess I could take a screenshot...

I could have sworn there was some way to just get the stack as text and save to a file, wasn't 


[super-ideally, I could just hit a button, and the issue would be sent to someone who cares, 
or to Mantis, or into some other bit bucket, so I'm not sitting here pretending I can debug 
Morphic or streams...]

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