[Newbies] Squeak Guilt

tjohnson at iwu.edu tjohnson at iwu.edu
Tue Dec 16 16:19:24 UTC 2008

If you don't program for your job anymore, how could working with Java advance your 
career?  If you already know Java, wouldn't you be well-suited to already take another Java-
related job if you wanted?

Maybe you could advance your career just from using what you find to be productive.  Or 
maybe you could just have fun.  :) 

You could maybe look at my story as a case study.  I've been looking for something 
meaningful to do with Squeak for almost ten years.  Numerous starts and stops of learning 
the system.  Now though, at work I have the freedom to develop systems that make me more 
productive, so I am finally beginning to cobble together a working system to keep track of 
my employees' schedules, using Seaside, the Chronology package, and other Squeak 
facilities.  I find it rewarding... every time I have an "a-ha" moment, I really get a kick!

- TimJ

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Subject: [Newbies] Squeak Guilt
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> I'm in a position where I want to learn Squeak/Smalltalk because it's
> cool, but I find myself thinking that I should spend my time working
> on something that might actually advance my career.  I used to be a
> Java Programmer, but am now a Build Engineer, so  I don't directly
> program anymore.  I feel that I should be keeping my Java skills up...
> but that just isn't as spiffy
> Anyone else in this boat? Is there a Squeak Support Group? A 12 step
> program?  Anyone have a good rationale why I can go ahead and spend my
> time on Squeak without feeling guilty? :) :)
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