[Newbies] Re: Method Finder puzzles

tjohnson at iwu.edu tjohnson at iwu.edu
Tue Dec 23 02:31:08 UTC 2008

> I played with Method Finder very lightly.
> Then I found that Message Names Finder was much easier to use.
> 5 years after that discovery I found the short cut to use it.
> Selected a phrase fragment
> and type Cmd-Shif-W. 

Hey, that will come in handy.

> The Message Name Finder will appear with all 
> the selectors containing that fragment. 
> It is not as focused as Method Finder. Still, personally, I would 
> rather make a guess at the name of a selector and take my chances 
> with the list I get.

Oh yes, I have used both.  I find each has its uses.

Have you used Lexicon / InstanceBrowser?  That is one I have found interesting lately, and 
haven't found many shortcuts to.

> The Method Finder takes maintenance and updating to work. And there 
> doesn't seem to be anyone who cares to do that.
> I think there is a rule that anything with complicated dependencies 
> in squeak (our branch) tends to break.
> Consequence of too many cooks who add ingredients w/o understanding 
> the previous makeup of the stew.

Yes, this does seem to be true.  And the consequence of so many neat things which work 
well enough, and the authors move on to other things...

> Anyway try the Message Name Finder and see if it serves.

It definitely does, as does the Method Finder.  Both will be (and are) part of my repertoire...


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