[Newbies] Re: Changes file - has reached its size limit.

Jerome Peace peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 25 04:39:45 UTC 2008

[Newbies] Changes file - has reached its size limit.

Hi Richard, Hi Keith.

This is in response to Keiths message on squeak-dev and Richards
original query on the newbies list.

Pillar, Richard Richard.Pillar at uk.experian.com
Tue Dec 23 14:57:34 UTC 2008
>Hi all,
>I am getting a message when trying to save the changes I have made to a
>method :-
>Error: You have reached the size limit of the changes file. You must
>take action to reduce it.....

>I have tried 'doing' the following  - 'Smalltalk condenseChanges'  - but
>this came back with lots of errors. I would be grateful if someone could
>point me in the right direction so I could get this sorted.

>To which Keith added on squeak-dev list:
>What should Richard do.

I didn't attempt to comment at first because I've never solved that problem before.

However if I had to here is how to proceed.

First get more info.
How did the problem occur.
What image did you start with.
Most of the newer ones (3.9 3.10 were released with small changes files.
So it would take a lot of stuff or a program bug to run out of room.

How would one go about recreated your problem from a fresh image?

To clean the Augean stables Hercules had to kill the horses,
 which didn't particularly please Augie.

You can back up the changes file by copying or renaming it.
You can turn off logging (I think) by removing the source and changes file from where they would be accessed (i.e. put them in another directory.) 
Then turn off the warning via preferences.

Next backup all relevant work.

Open a dual change sorter and fileout all change sets not already backed up in another image.
Save text in any workspaces in projects you care about.
Save the projects themselves.

Go to a fresh image and recreate your work.

You can do forensics by opening the changes file is a text editor.
It will be large so locate the recent stuff and save the tail end of the file as something else.

You can also use a different image to open the changes file and report 'recent' changes.
You get to specify how far back the reporting goes. 
I have not used this tool enough to be able to say if this will work well or not.

This will give some insight as to what went wrong.
What is in the changes file that caused it to overflow?

Report that to this list.
If the changes are not proprietary to your company,
 make them available somewhere others can look at them.

Curious to hear your answers.

Yours in service and curiosity, --Jerome Peace


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