[Newbies] Re: Win32: Delete read-only file

Robert Krahn robert.krahn at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Sat Feb 2 10:16:57 UTC 2008


thank you for the information.

The usage of OSProcess would be fine. E.g. if I could execute  
OSProcess command: 'del /a:R test' to delete the read-only file named  
test. But unfortunately I get an error when I try to do this.

OSProcess command: 'rm test' on the other hand does work. But I  
cannot delete read-only files with the rm command (at least I don't  
know how).

So if there would be a way to  use the del command with OSProcess I  
would be happy...


Am Feb 1, 2008 um 9:28 PM schrieb nicolas cellier:

> David T. Lewis a écrit :
>> On Thu, Jan 31, 2008 at 02:47:54PM +0100, Robert Krahn wrote:
>>> Hello!
>>> How can I delete a read-only file under windows.
>>> FileDirectory>>deleteFileNamed: gives me a  
>>> CannotDeleteFileException.
>>> Can I force the deletion? Can I change the file properties?
>> Hi Robert,
>> Squeak tries to be very portable across operating systems, so in
>> general it does not provide much in the way of operating system
>> or file system functions. Changing file properties is not supported
>> in Squeak, mainly because the concept of "file properties" means
>> different things on different file systems and operating systems.
>> There are some add-on packages that can help with this sort of
>> thing (such as FFI and OSProcess), but you can't count on these
>> being available on all Squeak images or on all operating systems.
>> It's probably a good idea for you to handle things like this
>> with a Windows file browser unless there is a strong reason to
>> do it from Squeak.
>> Dave
> Squeak file handling library is not that sexy. I feel like  
> portability is not the only reason.
> For example, VW found a common denominator (linux/windows/mac/...) :
> 	'foo.bar' asFilename makeWritable.
> 	'foo.bar' asFilename directory makeWritable.
> Sure, not perfect, you don't really know to who exactly will this  
> writable flag apply, nor if the request will ever succeed...
> But at least, it has a chance to solve some simple situations.
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