[Newbies] How do you start to understand a new Squeak 'program'?

Oscar Nierstrasz oscar.nierstrasz at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 13:28:43 UTC 2008

Hi Andy,

One useful trick is to put a "self halt." somewhere in the code you  
want to analyze.  Then when you run the code the debugger will stop at  
that point, and you can start stepping through the code.  Of course  
the debugger provides access to real objects, so you can inspect  
anything, evaluate expressions within the debugger, and modify code on  
the fly.

Hope that helps.


On Feb 8, 2008, at 13:32, Andy Burnett wrote:

> Also, I don't really understand how to trace a Squeak application.   
> I imagine I could put lots of 'Transcript show:'s into the code, but  
> again, I feel there must be a better way.  Is it possible to run the  
> code in debug mode?

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