[Newbies] Loading Rome SVG package

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Feb 19 09:13:44 UTC 2008

On Feb 19, 2008, at 0:47 , Marcin Tustin wrote:

> I can load the following packages out of the squeaksource repository:
> Rome-Balloon
> Rome-Base
> Rome-PluginCanvas
> Rome-SVG
> Rome-Strike
> Rome-Tests
> Rome-Reference
> Rome-BalloonCanvas
> The rest give me errors about lacking other classes, which I  
> reproduce below. Are the packages that load enough to be useful, or  
> am I going to be stuffed when playing around with Rome?

You only need Rome-Base, Rome-Balloon, Rome-PluginCanvas to get  
started, provided you have the Rome plugin. To experiment without the  
plugin, load Rome-Reference and Rome-BalloonCanvas, too.

This is actually noted on http://squeaksource.com/Rome.html

The reason is that Rome supports several back-ends, the PluginCanvas  
uses Cairo, BalloonCanvas uses Balloon2D.

> If so, where should I get the dependencies? Also, there's a lack of  
> class comments. Is there documentation elsewhere? Is Rome even  
> ready to be used at all?

Rome is used in the Sophie project.

> Rome-Demo also gives me a syntax error: fontFor: aCanvas family:  
> aFamily style: aStyle has a full stop after the comment. After  
> fixing this it gives me an error because RomeFreetypeCanvas is not  
> recognised.

Rome-Freetype seems to only live at


(the repository used by the Sophie developers)

> Thanks all!
> Rome-Tweak depends on:
> This package depends on the following classes:
>   CMatrixTransform
>   CBitmapFill
>   CTransformCanvas
>   CDisplayTransform
>   CCostumeFill
>   CGraphicsFill
>   CNoFill
>   CIdentityTransform
>   CProjectBuilder
>   CSolidFill
>   CGradientFill
>   COffsetTransform

These are Tweak classes. Ignore if you do not use Tweak.

> Rome-FontManager:
> This package depends on the following classes:
>   FreetypeFontFace
>   FreetypeFont

The FontManager is Sophie-specific. It depends on Freetype:


> Rome-Plugin:
> This package depends on the following classes:
>   SmartSyntaxInterpreterPlugin
>   CCodeGenerator
>   TSendNode

This is the plugin source code, you need it only if you want to  
translate and compile your own plugin.

- Bert -

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