[Newbies] Named Primitives et al

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Wed Feb 20 17:53:18 UTC 2008

Hello David,

dbuc> Thx. I've read that article but I can't find an
dbuc> ExternalTypes class in my image. Do I need to load a particular
dbuc> package to get NamedPrimitives or FFI to work?

maybe you are not aware of the fact that FFI and namedPrimitives are
two independent ways to talk to external code.

To create named primitives you need to get the VMMAKER package,
Cédrick replied on FFI.

As far as I know named primitives are a better choice if you need to
call into a dll very often. You can put the loop which calls into the
external code into the C- code you generate as a primitive and thus
have less overhead.

All in all these are not really beginners topics, so maybe ask in


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