[Newbies] The bouncing sound

Scott Wallace madevu at pacbell.net
Thu Feb 21 04:12:22 UTC 2008

Hi, polishookm,

I cannot reproduce the phenomenon you describe in any image I have  
close to hand -- not in Squeak 3.9, not in Squeakland3.8-05, and not  
in the OLPC etoys image.   (Can anyone else?)

What version of Squeak are you using?  If it's 3.10, I'll leave it for  
other 3.10 users to track this down, since I don't have a copy of 3.10  

Otherwise, perhaps you could email me a copy of a project of yours  
which exhibits this symptom...


-- Scott

On Feb 20, 2008, at 6:38 PM, polishookm wrote:

> I"m finding that with
> [Rectangle forward by 5]
> [Rectangle bounce silence]
> the rectangle eventually collides with the top of the world and  
> bounces off in the opposite direction - with no sound ... the bounce  
> is silent.
> However, this script
> [Rectangle forward by JoyStick's upDown * 8]
> [Rectangle bounce silence]
> doesn't allow the Rectangle bounce silently off the edge of the  
> world. In this case, when the rectangle  reaches the top of the  
> world, it makes a bouncing sound. The exact sound can be selected in  
> the [Rectangle bounce silence] tile. But selecting 'silence' as the  
> sound doesn't seem to work.
> Am I missing something obvious? Shouldn't it be possible to silence  
> the bounce?
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