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Fri Feb 22 17:22:14 UTC 2008

Hi Herbert,

Herbert König wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> p> mechanism. Like all first attempts, it will likely morph and correct and
> p> revise and clarify itself into something else as the student acquires
> p> more familiarity with tile scripting.
> doesn't he know the rule "Never do anything for the first time" :-))
Well stated :) .... actually, perfectly stated :)

> Actually I couldn't find a fault in the script (remember I never used
> etoys myself) so I think this is more something counter intuitive in
> etoys than a problem of your student.

That's an interesting observation. Did you, perchance, play with it to 
see what a more intuitive (for you) solution would look like? I had the 
same thought when I first examined the project. But because the student 
was satisfied with the joystick but not at all with the sound, the (the 
sound) became the issue that required a solution.

All suggestions welcome ...
> Cheers
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