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Scott Wallace wrote:
> On Feb 23, 2008, at 11:03 PM, polishookm wrote:
>> .... One more question that seems to have come up. The student found 
>> today that saving the project in 3.9 (as a PR) doesn't seem to be 
>> reliable.

> maintained, i.e. Squeakland and olpc/etoys.  It would be interesting 
> to hear if your students encounter the same problems using one of 
> those systems -- if so, please send along a project illustrating the 
> problem.

Yes, I will follow up on this.
> Finally, one last time, if you want a modern, up-to-date, documented, 
> *supported* etoys experience, you'd be well advised to use the 
> olpc/etoys squeak image (or the forthcoming Squeakland release derived 
> from that).

Ok. Thanks for your persistence. Last night I was exploring the 
Squeakland image. A few minutes ago, I downloaded


and, just to be sure, this is what you're suggesting that I work with, yes?

Or should I be doing this?

        Building etoys.image from developer's image

Developer's image (etoys-dev.image) is included in the svn repository 

    * Press 'load code updates' button.
    * Save the image.

    * Place project files for 'Gallery', 'Tutorials', and
      'EtoysActivity' in the image directory.
    * Set screen size to 1200 at 900 ("Display inspect" helps).

    * Save as 'etoys.image'.
    * And execute:

ReleaseBuilderSqueakland new prepareReleaseImageForOLPC.

Thanks (again) in advance.

> There are two mailing lists devoted to uses of Squeak in education -- 
> see:
> http://squeakland.org/mailman/listinfo/squeakland
> http://lists.laptop.org/listinfo/etoys

Thanks I joined squeakland last night. Will do the same for etoys later 
today ....
> Cheers,
>   -- Scott
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