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Sun Feb 24 20:07:39 UTC 2008

Hi Scott,

Just to simplify the question of my last email - and this is really a 
generic question that maybe anyone on the list can answer -

> Finally, one last time, if you want a modern, up-to-date, documented, 
> *supported* etoys experience, you'd be well advised to use the 
> olpc/etoys squeak image (or the forthcoming Squeakland release derived 
> from that).  
Where exactly is the dev version?

Thanks very much in advance,


> These are *not* dumbed-down Squeaks; the "dev" versions are 
> full-scale, industrial-strength Squeak systems, encompassing all of 
> 3.8, plus Connectors, and incorporating countless enhancements and 
> fixes.  And a responsible and responsive development team.  And, 
> blessedly, an update stream.
> There are two mailing lists devoted to uses of Squeak in education -- 
> see:
> http://squeakland.org/mailman/listinfo/squeakland
> http://lists.laptop.org/listinfo/etoys
> Cheers,
>   -- Scott
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