[Newbies] How to display monticello package version ?

cdrick cdrick65 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 00:33:12 UTC 2008


I often find the need to display packages versions that are loaded ...
I decided to try but it's late and all I have is package names... I
just do that:

packInf:=(PackageInfo allPackages
		select: [:aPackInfo | (aPackInfo packageName startsWith: 'OB') or: [
				(aPackInfo packageName startsWith: 'Omni')] ]).
packInf do: [:ea | Transcript cr; show: ea packageName].

You guessed I wanted to display my OB configuration... :)  Did I miss
a method to get the version ?


I finally played a bit more... I get the versions but not really happy
with it (time to go to bed...)

(MCPackage allInstances do: [:ea |
	(ea name startsWith: 'OB') ifTrue: [
             Transcript cr;
                 show: ((MCWorkingCopy forPackage: ea)  ancestry
ancestors first name printString)]])

Can you correct or show a better way to do ?



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