[Newbies] [Election 2008] Campaigning period is on!

edgar De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Feb 26 20:47:52 UTC 2008

--- goran at krampe.se escribió:

> Hi all!
> The nomination period for this years election of the
> Squeak Foundation
> board has ended.
> We have 12 candidates for the board! Superb!
> Now we are in the so called "Campaigning period"
> until the 29th
> february. During this period the candidates are of
> course free to do
> whatever they like :) but the following two
> activities have been used
> earlier years and I hope that the candidates will
> participate in them:
> 1. Post a "campaigning statement" (or whatever) as
> an article on
> http://people.squeakfoundation.org. People can then
> reply and ask
> questions etc without drowning in squeak-dev. It
> also makes a nice
> "persistent" record. Of course people can follow up
> on
> squeak-dev too.
> 2. Answer the 10 questions we have cooked up for the
> candidates by a
> post to squeak-dev:
> 	http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/6029
> That page is locked (only I can edit) so the idea is
> that the candidates
> answer by writing a post to squeak-dev starting from
> today. All should
> feel free to discuss on squeak-dev at length of
> course.
> The initial posts (with the answers) will be
> collected by me ASAP and
> filled in on the the Q&A page mentioned above so
> that all answers can be
> seen in one place.
> All details of the Election can be found at:
> 	http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/6025
> regards, Göran (Election leader)
> PS. In order to vote - be sure to confirm that you
> have an account on
> http://people.squeakfoundation.org and that your
> email address is up to
> date. If you are not already registered on the site
> do so as soon as
> possible. Include information about your
> participation in the Squeak
> community to aid everyone in determining your
> appropriate certification.
> If you have misplaced your
> people.squeakfoundation.org password there is
> a link on the login page to allow you to reset it.
> When the voting
> period starts all voters will receive an email with
> instructions and a
> link to the voting website.
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> Beginners at lists.squeakfoundation.org

I remember all I on move to new flat.
No power supply, no net..yet
I typing this from a borrow computer.
As soon is possible I complete the questions campaign.

My campaign line is:

Siganmme los buenos !! (El Chapulín Colorado)
Follow me the good guys , say popular TV character
loved by kids in HispanoAmérica.


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