[Newbies] Disable Morph-drag in a PasteUpMorph

Jeffrey Straszheim jstraszheim at comcast.net
Thu Feb 28 00:48:50 UTC 2008


Look at PasteUpMorph>>mouseDown.

It appears that if you set the "sticky" property on the submorphs you're 
interested they can't be picked up.

Otherwise, you could subclass PasteUpMorph and implement mouseDown 
you're own way.

(I haven't tried this, only looked briefly at the code.)

Good luck.

Marcus Strehlow wrote:
> Hi guys,
> again, I have to ask a rather interesting question. Say, you have a 
> PasteUpMorph, inside which you have put other elements, maybe other 
> morphs, or images, or something like this. I would like the contents 
> inside to be fixed, meaning that you should not be able to pick up a 
> morph inside the PasteUpMorph and move it around.
> Can you guys let me know if this is possible?
> Cheers,
> Marcus
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Jeffrey Straszheim

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