[Newbies] squeak map problems

Miron Brezuleanu mbrezu at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 07:16:25 UTC 2008


I'm trying to download GLORP from SqueakMap and the contents of the
sar file are in fact a small html with a login form, not zipped
content as Squeak seems to expect.

I tried getting a new password from SqueakMap (why do I need an
account to download something? - I thought accounts were used for
publishing) and the "random one-time password" email I get has no
actual password in it. :-)

I am using the 3.10gamma.7159 image with the 3.10 VM, but I doubt the
issue is related to my local setup.

What's going on?

Many thanks,
Miron Brezuleanu

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