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pbohuch pbohuch at
Fri Jan 25 13:53:32 UTC 2008

Hi everyone,

I am new to smalltalk and have been having trouble using regular
expressions. I have installed Vassili Bykov’s RegEx package using the
Monticello Browser. Here is what my issue is. I have a test string that I
want to "push" into an OrderedCollection.

testString := 'this is a test'.
testCollection := '(^\s*)|(\s)|\w+' asRegex matchesIn: testString.

Now I can inspect this in a workspace and it shows me an ordered collection
of all the elements of the string. However when I attempt to use this in a
method, and call the method from a TestCase, I get an infinite loop.
Stepping through the method I found that the "asRegex" portion of the
statement above works correctly. Where is seems to be crashing is in the
"matchesIn:" method. Can anyone please let me know what I am missing? The
exact statements in my test case are:

| myTokens myString|

self halt.
myTokens := OrderedCollection new.
myString := 'this is a test'.

myTokens :=  '(^\s*)|(\s)|\w+' asRegex matchesIn: myString.
self shouldnt: [myTokens isEmpty].

If you step through this method in the Test Runner you will see it never
makes it through the matchesIn: method. Am I forgetting to instantiate

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