[Newbies] Re: Programatically keep image up to date

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Sat Jan 26 14:26:47 UTC 2008

Hi Sophie,

i> Of course I may not be doing any of these the way that ThoseInTheKnow do
i> them :-)

None of ThoseInTheKnow but I switched an image after maybe three years
of work. I approached the changes file limit (be carful not to cross

Here's what to do:

I have a "whatToLoad" pointing to *local* copies of the packages.
I don't need a list of my own mcz.
To save me from my own foolishness every relevant class has a "file in
/ file out" protocol which saves valuable objects via Reference

What I really hate to loose are the gazillion of workspaces or Morphs
where I illustrate my ideas but having learned that (see a recent
thread in Squeak dev) saving projects works if you have a browser open
in offending projects, moving those is easy too.   But *not* across
Squeak versions!

So the time to switch an image mainly depends on how fast the new
image can digest all the mcz and objects. I drop the mcz on an image,
drop the projects (each also saves and loads its subprojects). Then I
go to the workspace where I have the snippets to load the objects.

I could stuff all this into a script but I prefer it otherwise.

Changing Squeak version is a totally different beast. I read you're
into a commercial application. After you have deployed to a certain
number of customers you simply don't want to do it :-))


Herbert                            mailto:herbertkoenig at gmx.net

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