[Newbies] "Smart Paper"?

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Sat Jul 5 10:46:06 UTC 2008

Hello Rob,

RR> I've been seeing some messages fly by about people using
RR> Squeak like "Smart Paper."  What is meant by this?  Using the
RR> various presentation morphs and just projects and workspaces for a
RR> more visual, dynamic, note taking system?  

some of us use it for presentations. BookMorph even has a method whose
name suggests you can import powerpoint. I never used BookMorph except
for trying.

One version of smart paper is, I draw userinterfaces by just placing
the elements into an empty project and place texts around them like
the names to reference them, the message names they send an some
general description of what they do. Did this on paper before.

In one case where I did not need so much text around I gradually
filled the sketch with life to have a prototype

For many aspects of a development project I have several Squeak
project with browsers open on the relevant methods and Workspaces. And
I have sketches about the flow of some aspects of the software.

For my project leading job I carry an 3.6 Squeak on a USB stick which
I really use as a notetaker. I lead a road design software project
where I have Squeak projects on technical, sales, customer and
competition aspects.

The last one is what I was talking about in my reply to Brenda's post
in Squeak dev.



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