[Newbies] Totally dumbfounded!!

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Sat Jul 5 11:11:37 UTC 2008

Hello David,

DF> Squeak is a toy for academics and hobbyists to try out new ideas and
DF> explore computing at a higher-level. It wasn't designed for doing
DF> conventional application development and you won't find much support
DF> in Squeak for normal commercial programming. In fact, just the

Squeak is used in several commercial web apps, one example being gas
billing by Janko.

Then there are commercial apps in Squek which have nothing to do with
seaside or aida. Look at Squeak people for Tansel Ersavas' he has done
several Squeak apps.

I myself query databases with Squeak, partly using a neural network.
Then I generate csv and management always has people at hand to make
their reports in Excel and Word.

You have a very valid point regarding office like user interfaces.
If that's required for your definition of 'conventional application
development' you're absolutely right.

DF> For enterprise application development using Smalltalk, you are
DF> probably better off with a commercial Smalltalk.

Ask Qwaq or dabbledb about that.

The other reasons against Squeak are in acceptance by management

Just didn't want to let this stand as you wrote it, it is a complex
topic which does not have such a general answer like you gave.



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