[Newbies] Totally dumbfounded!!

Claus Kick claus_kick at web.de
Sat Jul 5 17:32:33 UTC 2008

Rob Rothwell wrote:


> I am in nearly the same place David is, except that I have asked all these
> questions myself already, and have gotten the same responses!  I am SLOWLY
> learning Smalltalk, so I have seen others pick it up much faster through the
> same process.  Anyway, I found a framework that made sense to ME (Aida) and
> started building SOMETHING.  Then Squeak started to make more sense.  It's a
> process, I think, NOT a recipe, and we are all wired differently.

I second that - think of a project and start to build and start to look.

I am getting used to using VisualWorks (after having used VSE at uni, VS 
at my former job and Squeak in between for a bit) right now and I 
thought, "my Seaside app needs a database - what do I use - ah hell, 
lets use some simple CSV file. Oh, there is no CSV package, well lets 
build one". That forced me to deal with Streams in VW (work differently 
from what I knew) and the Filename hierarchy (very different to what I 

But I think, that this is the only way to learn.

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